Island Hopping in Greece: Milos, Paros, Amorgos

You know that feeling of utter satisfaction when you tick something off of your bucket list – especially when that list is loooong? That was it for me when we island hopped in Greece this summer.
Island hopping in Greece has forever been an adventure I wanted to experience, and we found just the right time to do so last September.

After a few days of researching what islands best fit us, we settled on Milos, Paros, and Amorgos – three beautiful islands, but oh so different.
Milos was adventurous.
Paros was pretty.
Amorgos was untouched.


From the moment we arrived in Milos, we knew we were going to love the island. Moonscapes by the sea and secluded beaches sure made us want to come and visit.

Although relatively small, Milos has so much to see and do. It is still somewhat unspoiled, so you can still get the authentic Greek experience without the crowds of tourists.

We had the places we wanted to explore listed down, but the thing that I loved most about Milos was that you didn’t really need to follow a certain itinerary. And so, we drove for the next four days, discovering as much of the island, its beaches, fishermen harbors, and some of its best kept secrets.

Sarakiniko Beach

Tsigrado Beach

Sulfur Beach

Plaka Old Town


We stayed at Faros Apartments, with views to the sea & mountains, right in the middle of Milos, and a few minutes drive to the main towns of Adamantas, Pollonia, and Plaka.

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Paros was the “walk around the old town with nothing planned” kind of island – mostly because we only had a day and a half and wanted to make use of our time in Naoussa with no rush.

Our days in Paros were spent walking through cobble-stoned streets which had a Mykonian feel –minus the crowds-, having the best seafood by the sea, and watching the sunset from the cutest cafe balcony.


Venetian Castle

We stayed at Hotel Stella, right in the heart of Naoussa and close to the harbor, shops, and restaurants.

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Love at first sight. That was it.

A remote island with dramatic mountains, rocky shores, and a beautiful Chora, Amorgos surely left a mark. We were in awe of its beauty, its simple lifestyle, its rich local traditions, its untouched lands – transporting you back in time.

In Amorgos, white monasteries perch its cliffs and churches sit across the sea, a shipwreck speaks a thousand stories, and streets lead you into a maze of culture and adventure.


Hozoviotissa Monastery

Agia Anna Church

Navagio Olympia


We stayed at Pension Ilias in Chora and Aelia Studios in Aegiali.

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After hopping the Greek islands for around 10 days, we were back in Athens and already missing the sea, so we decided to take a one-day cruise exploring 3 islands.

We had our fair share of winds – especially on Milos – that’s a good enough reason to come back for more!

Island guides for Milos, Paros, and Amorgos are coming soon, so make sure you subscribe to be the first to know. xx

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00 comments on “Island Hopping in Greece: Milos, Paros, Amorgos

  • Jad Merheb , Direct link to comment

    You are a beautiful picture for everyone who loves to wonder and give hope for every girl to have the courage to step out of the door.

      • Vicky , Direct link to comment

        Beautiful Greece!!! Well done guys! Amorgos is one of the favorite ones, but you should definitely visit Ios island next time! Paradise! Amazing view, long sandy beaches, “private” or not, and such beautiful places to visit by ATV or a small boat. Best time to go: May, June, September!


        Greece’s mainland is also a treasure during spring and autumn as well and not so many visitors know about it. Numerous sightseeing and great history. You can either go swimming or skiing. Try it! 😉

    • melissa elhachem , Direct link to comment

      Thank you! We almost ALWAYS make it to these places at sunrise, before any other person lol especially if it’s a touristic destination. We search for places less traveled, so Amorgos was not touristic at all; it always seemed like we had the places to ourselves.

      • Jac | Texan Travels , Direct link to comment

        Sunrise is always key! I will definitely be coming back to your post when I plan my own trip to Greece. Amorgos sounds (and looks) like a place I would love to go!

        Also, it’s killing me… I promise I know grammar!

  • melissa elhachem , Direct link to comment

    Thanks Vicky! Actually, Ios was on the list, but we decided to skip it this time since we won’t have time to enjoy all what is has to offer! We have made it a habit for us to visit Greece every years, so hopefully this summer we are able to that!
    I know Meteora is just one small part of Mainland Greece, but we FELL IN LOVE and promise to be back to explore more!

    Melissa xx

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